Saturday, August 18, 2007

Colin Archer built, German sailing vessel RAKEL

RAKEL is a Colin Archer built vessel, dating from 1896.

She presently operates out of Bremerhaven, GERMANY, and can be reached through:

Falk Pfau
Butjadinger Strasse 51b
28197 Bremen, GERMANY

Webpage: e-mail:


LOA: 28 m
Beam: 5.5 m
Draft: 2. 6 m
Year built: 1896
Homeport: Bremerhaven, GERMANY

Swedish schooner, KVARTSITA

German schooner, PIPPILOTTA

fog so thick, you could drive through it ! Rostock 2007

The fog was so thick for HANSE Sail-- Rostock 2007, that you could drive barely drive through it !


ELBE NO. 5, leaving Rostock and HANSE SAIL 2007.

Hopefully there will be antoher chance next week to see this carefully restored pilot schooner.

Friday, August 17, 2007

French schooner, Le DON du VENT

Spanish brigantine, CALE MILLOR

CALE MILLOR, homeport, Ibiza, SPAIN, built 1942.


The Spanish schooner, FAR BARCELONA, was originally built in Norway, over 100 years ago. Has been restored by a consotium of foundations, and schools under the direction of one man.

She plans to return to Norway in 2008 !

Finnish schooner, JOANNA SATURNA

Finnish schooner,


Swedish galease, KVARTSITA


Swedish brig, TRE KRONOR

The Swedish brig, TRE KRONOR, launched in 2006, recieved her 1st suit of sails in late July, bent them, and sailed in parade on July 30th, 2007 !