Wednesday, February 28, 2007

French topsail schooner BEL ESPOIR II

The French sail-training vessel BEL ESPOIR II, which specializes with sailing programs for troubled youth, is scheduled to appear at the Tall Ships Challenge, and Norfolk festevent, SAIL VIRGINIA in June 2007.
BEL ESPOIR II homeports in Brest, France. She is a topsail schooner, built in the 1940's in Denmark, and has an over-all length of 116' 6".

For contact, e-mail:

schooner BLUENOSE II

The classic schooner, BLUENOSE II, from Nova Scotia, will join the fleet for the tall ships festival in Newport, RI, June 27th-July 1, 2007.

For information on her voyage to New England, go to:, or write:

For information on Tall Ships Rhode Island 2007, go to:

BLUENOSE II will also be present in the series of postcards being produced for the summer events. For info, go to:

Monday, February 26, 2007

Belgian Navy sail-training ketch, ZENOBE GRAMME

The Belgian Navy tallship, ZENOBE GRAMME

will participate in the STI tall ships series in the

Mediterranean this summer, 2007.



Monday, February 19, 2007

URANIA, Dutch Navy sail-training vessel

The Dutch Navy sail-training vessel, URANIA, will be visiting Newport as part of the Tall Ships Rhode Island festivities in June 2007.


See also:

The Royal Netherland Naval College has announced its sailing itinerary for the visit to the US in 2007, called "the Atlantic Breeze", the schedule is:

HNLMS Urania
Atlantic Breeze 2007

In 2007 HNLMS Urania will take part in a transatlantic journey called Atlantic Breeze 2007. Planning as follows:

20 March

:Vertrek uit Den Helder

23 – 25 March

:Plymouth, Engeland

06 – 08 April

:Funchal, Madeira

01 – 04 May

:Kingstown, St. Vincent

07 – 15 May

:Willemstad, CuraƧao

18 – 20 May

:Philipsburg, St. Maarten

27 – 29 May

:Nassau, de Bahama’s

01 – 03 June

:Jacksonville, FL

07 – 12 June

:Norfolk, VA

13 – 16 June

:Annapolis, MD

16 – 18 June

:Baltimore, MD

22 – 25 June

:New York, NY

26 June – 01 July

:Newport, RI

03 – 05 July

:Boston, MA

12 – 16 July

:Halifax, Canada

05 – 08 August

:Plymouth, Engeland

10 August

:Aankomst in Den Helder

The journey will last 144 days and a distance of approximately 12000 nautical miles will be covered.

During autumn 2007 HNLMS Urania will participate in several races and sailing events.

Further information can be seend on URANIA's webpage:

Click on English flag in upper right corner for English language, then click on the "RNNC" button to reach URANIA webpage.

There will also be a 2007 tall ship postcard avaialbe in the ASTA series, go to:

Finnish tallship ESTELLE

An interesting staysail schooner from FINLAND has begun to operate as an idealistic freighter in the world of commercial transport. ESTELLE is opearted by an idealistic organization in Turku, FINLAND.



Tall Ships Nova Scotia

The last of the ports for ASTA's tall ships challenge 2007 will be Halifax, Nova Scotia. A favorite port of the tall ships, Halifax is planning an extended festival from July 13th-23rd, with many vessels expected over the time-period.

Recently the Halifax committee unveiled a logo for the festival and a webpage.


For e-mail:

Saturday, February 17, 2007

German tallship GORCH FOCK I

My friend and the former 1st mate on BALTIC BEAUTY, Gerd Slowy lives in Straslund, GERMANY,a nd often volunteers on the restoration of the original GORCH FOCK, formerly the TOVARISHCH. The GORCH FOCK I is being restored n Straslund , Germany, and information can be reached through Nicole Mersten at:

Gerd sent this mid-winter shot of GORCH FOCK I, and one can see the progress on the hull restoration.

Gerd Slowy can be reached at:

Also, GORCH FOCK II will be visiting the US in 2007, see:

Friday, February 16, 2007

Colombian tall ship GLORIA to join fleet

The Colombian barque GLORIA, the sail-training vessel of the Colombian Navy, will join 21 other tall ships for the festival in Newport entitled, Tall Ships Rhode Island. The fleet is being assembled in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the War Command College in Newport.
Several Captains and Admirals in the Colombian Navy have been trained at the War College at the Naval base in Newport.

In addition to GLORIA, the other vessels include:

the PRINCE WILLIAM, a 195-foot brig from London; and the DEWARUCI, a 191-foot barque from Indonesia.

The other 19 Tall Ships are the HARVEY GAMAGE from Watch Hill, RI; the PROVIDENCE from Providence, RI ; the POINCARE, the FORMIDABLE and the SPIRIT of MASSACHUSETTS, all from Boston; the ALABAMA from Martha’s Vineyard; the FRIENDSHIP from Salem, Mass.; the BOWDOIN from Castine, Maine; the PRIDE of BALTIMORE II from Baltimore, MD; the VIRGINIA from Norfolk, Va.; the ROYALISTE from San Francisco, Calif.; the FAIR JEANNE and the BLUENOSE II, both from Canada; the SPIRIT of BERMUDA, Bermuda; the CISNE BRANCO from Brazil; the URANIA from the Netherlands; the GORCH FOCK II from Germany; the PICTON CASTLE from the Cook Islands, New Zealand; and the TARANGINI from India.

For more information on the events adn fleet coming to Newport, RI, June 27th-July 1st, go to the webpage:

For images of the tall ships go to:

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Received an e-mail from old friend Arjen Boogie van der Veen and the ATLANTIS MERCHANT SAILING COMPANY. Seems they are up and operating, and have sent their webpage, which can be found at:

More later.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Romanian tall ship MIRCEA, sailing schedule

The summer 2007 sailing schedule for the Romanian sail-training barque, MIRCEA:


22.06 – 25.06.2007 PORTUL PIREUS - GRECIA

04.07 – 07.07.2007 PORTUL ALICANTE – SPANIA


12.07 – 15.07.2007 PORTUL BARCELONA


21.07 – 24.07.2007 PORUL TOULON


28.07 – 31.07.2007 PORTUL GENOVA

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Japanese tallship KAIWO MARU II

The Japanese, 4-masted, 367' barque KAIWO MARU II is one of the tall ships that might be part of the ASTA tall ships challenge of 2008 on the west coast.

Recently I received the correct url and e-mail address for the ship from Kazu Nakayama.

Kazu is a former ASTA summer intern, and can help with translating Japanese text and questions on the webpage. His e-mail is:

KAIWO MARU II is owned by the National Institute for Sea Training, the same organization which owns and operates NIPPON MARU II, the sister-ship. KAIWO MARU II is operated by the Seafarers Education Development Association, and is allowed to take civilians as paying guest and trainees.

The webpage for KAIWO MARU II is:
E-mail to the SEDA is:

Monday, February 05, 2007

tallship KRUZENSHTERN & "Sail Travemunde"

The Russian tallship KRUZENSHTERN will participate in this year's "Sail Travemunde" festival, part of the series Baltic Sail 2007.

"Sail Travemunde" will be held August 23rd-26th, 2007, and details and a complete list of entries can be found at their webpage:

Eve-Maria Schulze is the local contact, and her e-mail address is:

See also:

Thursday, February 01, 2007

yacht FAZISI

An aluminum sloop, built in the former Russian state of Georgia, and now owned by a group of Polish yachtmen from Chicago who will sail the FAZISI to the Baltic for the tall ships races and festivals in Stockholm and Szczecin ?
Too fabulous to believe, well, check it out.

FAZISI is an 82' sloop, operated by members of the Joseph Conrad Yacht Club in Chicago,
and has already completed the first leg of her passage to the Baltic. For more details, contact the Joseph Conrad Yacht Club at:

or Casey Chlebek at:

the ROYALISTE aground......

The ROYALISTE, a pirate ship from Sausalito, California, which was a popular attraction at last year's tall ships challenge in the Great Lakes, has run aground in South Carolina.

The ful story is available on this link:

Pyrate Steele -

Also, there is a LINK to PayPal to make contributions to enable the recovery effort, and the refloating of the ROYALISTE.

I will try to make updates as they are made available. tk