Saturday, October 25, 2008


The hull for the new sailing school ship, OLIVER HAZARD PERRY, arrived in Newport, RI on October 24th. After a journey from the Lake Ontario, through the Erie Canal, and up the east coast, the much anticipated steel hull arrived at her new home. Built in Ontario for another project the replica HMS DETROIT, the new project, the OLIVER HAZARD PERRY, intends to establish a Rhode Island based project which will complete the vessel to a proposed lenght of 205', and OHP will serve as a platform for sail-training, and a classroom for young people. Intended to be a working ship, the Foundation hopes to keep her busy on the seas for 35 to 40 weeks each year.

An extensive curriculum of sailing classes, semesters at sea, and day sails on Narragansett Bay will focus on historical, maritime, oceanographic subjects.

Bart Dunbar over sees the arrival of OHP's hull in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Board of Directors of the new sail school ship foundation, the OLIVER HAZARD PERRY, relieved, now that the hull has arrived, and the construction can begin, and the final phase of fund-raising.

Left to right: Thomas Goddard, Susan Genett, Perry Lewis, Capt. Richard Bailey, Vice-Admiral Thomas Weshchler (USN), Judith Enstone, and Bart Dunbar (Chair).

49B Bowen's Wharf
Newport, RI 02840

Telephone: 401.841.0080