Friday, January 26, 2007

schooner GEDANIA

The 2-masted schooner GEDANIA, which has been restored, and refitted extensively over the last decade is sailing again with young trainees, and operating in conjunction with the POGORIA and the Sail Training Association of Poland.
If I can read there webpage correctly, the GEDANIA will be participating in the STI races in he Mediterranean in July, and the STI tallships race from Stockholm to Szczecin in early August. GEDANIA was one of the surprise additions to the tall ships fleet visiting the US in 1976, having sailed up from Anartica, and joing the fleet in Hamilton haroubr before visiting Newport, New York, and Salem and Boston Massachusetts in the bicentennial year, 1976.

After retiring from oceanogrpahic explorations, the GEDANIA was refitted, her double hull removed, and an additional 10 feet added to her midsection, to accomodate a larger crew of trainess.

For further information on passages, trainee opportunities, and schedules, write to:

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