Thursday, February 08, 2007

Japanese tallship KAIWO MARU II

The Japanese, 4-masted, 367' barque KAIWO MARU II is one of the tall ships that might be part of the ASTA tall ships challenge of 2008 on the west coast.

Recently I received the correct url and e-mail address for the ship from Kazu Nakayama.

Kazu is a former ASTA summer intern, and can help with translating Japanese text and questions on the webpage. His e-mail is:

KAIWO MARU II is owned by the National Institute for Sea Training, the same organization which owns and operates NIPPON MARU II, the sister-ship. KAIWO MARU II is operated by the Seafarers Education Development Association, and is allowed to take civilians as paying guest and trainees.

The webpage for KAIWO MARU II is:
E-mail to the SEDA is:


Steef said...

Does anyone knows, whether the Kaiwo Maru is coming to Holland (Den Helder) in 2008?

thad said...

I do not think so. KAIWO MARU seems to be doing day-sail in Japanese waters only.

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