Tuesday, March 07, 2006

7 March 2006

A bit later today in posting the daily log, but I had been attempting to be the middle man of a computer conversation between a PC, and a mac; one in Michigan and the other in Connecticut.
Add to that the attempt to have a .tiff file translate into a .jpeg file. Its almost enough to have one grab for the watercolor brushes. Anyway, we think that the photograph of MADELINE made it into the right computer, withthe correct format for the book.

In other matters, looks like 2008 will be interesting for the ASTA Challenge on the ewst coast, with discussions centering on the 1st host port being in Alaska ! Port Alberni, Victoria, Tacoma, Westport, San Fran-Oakland, Oxanrd, and San Pedro also placing their names in the mix.

ALASKA, interesting. Plans are for June 2008.

Enough for now. Fair winds, tk

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