Thursday, March 30, 2006


My friend, Capt. Aent Kingma of the trim brig APHRODITE, has sent me a message announcing his new webpage, and the 2006 sailing scheudle.

His webpage is:


APHRODITE sails annually in the North and Baltic seas. She will participate in Rostock's HANSE SAIL 2006.

Fair winds, tk


steelclipper57 said...

Very pretty ship. A question arose when I was looking at the images. She looked really beamy in one shot but she was only about 21 feet at the beam.

Were there usual design ratios (length to beam) for a particular type of 'tall ship'? In other words, were most brigs a 4 to 1 ratio versus - say - schooners a different ratio (5 to 1)?

Just curious.

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