Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the DAR, west coast, 2008

2 friends, who ran out of enough time for schedules and deadlines in 2005, have been working hard and early to facillitate a west coast visit of the Polish sail training ship DAR MLODZIEZY in 2008. So far, they are encouraged by preliminary, positive responses from the DAR, and the Maritime Academy in Gdansk. Though it is early, a lengthy trip like the one that will probably be part of a circumnavigation for the DAR requires plenty of lead-time.
Hal Barstow works as the International Relations co-ordinator of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) and willbe placing some students on board the DAR in 2007. He can be reached at halbar45@earthlink.net

Prof. Vlad Kaczynski is a Professor of Marine Affairs at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle, and a graduate of the Maritime Academy in Gdansk, and classmate of Capt. Henryk Sniegocki. He can be reached at: vkaczynski@msn.com

Many plans need to be formulated, and programs desinged, and I am encouraging readers to contact Hal in southern California and Vlad in the Pacific Norhtwest to be a part of the planning, etc.

I will try to keep updating progress ont his interesting project to bring the DAR to the west coast in 2008. tk

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