Sunday, March 25, 2007

Polish tallship DAR MLODZIEZY, 2008-09

The wall beneath the bridge on the DAR MLODZIEZY, proudly displaying the logos for major voyages and maritime festivals that the DAR has visited over her 25 years. There should be several additions with her plans for a long voyage in 2008-2009 to the west and east coasts of North America. The ports which are expected to host the DAR have been announced as follows:

2008-West Coast

  • June 25 -29, Victoria , B.C.

July 2-7 , Tacoma , Washington

July 10-12, Port Alberni , B.C.

July 23-27, San Francisco , California

August 7-10, Channel Islands ( Oxnard ),
(cannot accommodate DAR due to draft)

August 13-17, Los Angeles , California

August 20-24, San Diego , California

September 6-7, Dana Point, California (a post race port)

2009 East Coast

Charleston Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25)

Bermuda (STI port) June 12-15

Norfolk/Baltimore ???
Nothing signed and no specific dates

New York ??? Nothing signed and no specific dates

Boston (ASTA port) July 8-13
Nothing signed but dates agreed to

Halifax (STI port) July 17-20

For updated information or to volunteer for the DAR committee contact Hal Barstow at:

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